VICTORIA -- Victoria council is considering a move to reduce or eliminate the minimum number of off-street parking spaces that must currently accompany new residential and commercial buildings in the city.

Instead, the city would consider establishing a maximum number of parking spaces that new developments can include.

The recommendation will come before the city’s committee of the whole meeting on Thursday and, if passed, will go immediately to a council vote later the same day.

The recommendation is part of an initiative of the provincial Local Government Development Approvals Process Review Program.

The parking-reduction proposal is aimed at removing economic barriers to affordable housing, providing more flexibility to businesses and supporting the city’s climate goals.

The city says capping the amount of allowable off-street parking in Victoria would increase opportunities for greenspaces and urban forestry.

If approved by council, the city will apply for a grant from the Local Government Development Approvals Process Review Program to address changes to the city’s off-street parking bylaws.