VICTORIA -- A Victoria-area surgeon has been fined several thousand dollars and reprimanded for using sexualized language during a consultation with a preteen patient.

According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, Dr. Bruce Taro Yoneda acknowledged that he engaged in unprofessional conduct during a surgical consult by referring to a preteen patient as a “loose woman” and telling her he would give her a “lube job.”

The college also found the orthopedic surgeon “did not offer a clear explanation prior to questioning the patient about her menstrual cycle.”

The findings are contained in a public notice issued by the college on Nov. 19.

The college’s inquiry committee issued Dr. Yoneda a formal reprimand and ordered him to pay a fine of $7,500 as part of a consent agreement. Additionally, Dr. Yoneda will participate in a program on clinical communication and attend the college’s “Professionalism in Medical Practice” course.

The college said in its rationale for the discipline that Dr. Yoneda’s “use of inappropriate language displayed a lack of insight,” adding “the conduct was contrary to college standards and [the college] determined a disciplinary outcome was appropriate.”

CTV News has requested comment from Dr. Yoneda’s office but has not received a reply at this time.