After millions of dollars spent and years of discussion, Victoria council is effectively starting over when it comes to the Crystal Pool replacement project. 

The project has been bandied about council for the last three years, with $2-million tossed into consultations and studies on where the new pool should go and what it should look like.

At a Thursday night meeting, council voted to re-evaluate the project – meaning a new Crystal Pool is likely years away.

City staff will now take a second look at the "objectives, scope and schedule of activities for the Crystal Pool project" so they align with the city's new strategic plan.

One of the original plans for Crystal Pool was to build it adjacent to the current pool in Central Park.

Council heard from people in the neighbourhood who did not want to lose green space in the park, and some voiced their support for building it in the North Park or Hillside neighbourhoods.

The new Crystal Pool was slated for opening in 2021. A new date has not been set for a report to be delivered to council.