Warning: This story contains graphic details about sexual assault.

VICTORIA -- Two Victoria real estate agents have been fired from a high-profile brokerage after being accused of sexual assault.

CTV News spoke with two of the women behind the allegations Thursday.

One woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she was drugged and sexually assaulted by the two real estate agents.

"I couldn't even comprehend that that had just happened to me and that was actually a life experience," she told CTV News.

"Within 15 to 20 minutes I was no longer conscious, and I opened my eyes and he was trying to stick his genitals in my mouth," she said.

In 2018, the woman says she met up with one of the men for a drink and arrived to find both men waiting for her.

The pair told her that they needed to stop by their office to print something off, which is where she says the sexual assault happened.

"I was on the ground the next time I came to, and one of them was between my legs," she said.

She identified the alleged attackers as Andy Rogers and Bowman Rutledge, who worked for real estate company Engel and Volkers at the time.

Both men have firmly denied the allegations in statements on social media.

"I have three little sisters and would never want that to happen to them," said Rutledge in a short video posted to social media.

"I would absolutely never do that to anybody," he said.

Meanwhile, Rogers says he stands against injustice and denies that the allegations are true.

"We have been made aware of the recent post about us on the Survivor Stories Project Instagram account," he wrote. "We respect, appreciate and admire the purpose of the Survivors Stories Project and the survivors who share their experiences on the platform."

"The allegations made against us, however, are untrue and vehemently denied," he wrote.

In response to the allegations, the pair's former employer, Engels and Volkers, issued a statement saying that the claims were "concerning and deeply troubling."

"Although the individuals have not been affiliated with our firm for several years, we are taking this seriously," said the company in a statement.

The pair's current employer, luxury real estate company The Agency, has also released a statement saying that the allegations were shocking and disturbing.

The Agency says it has since fired both agents.

After the first woman's story was posted anonymously on the Survivors Stories Project Instagram page, another woman is now speaking up.

"I just tried to say no and stand my ground, but when it's two men basically on top of you, you have no control," the woman told CTV News.

She says it was Rutledge and another man who she did not know who assaulted her in Rutledge's apartment.

"Even after the incident, I got a text that said, 'Next time, don't cry.' So I felt terrified just in my own city," she said.

She claims that the incident was followed by several more threatening messages.

Both women say they want to come forward to protect others from going through what they did.

"(My hope) is to bring awareness to the toxic behaviour that people are well aware of, and stop normalizing it," said the first woman that CTV News spoke with.

Neither woman has reported their allegations to police. Their claims have not been tested in court.