VICTORIA -- The Victoria Police Department says it is investigating after officers located a suspected bicycle “chop shop” in Beacon Hill Park Tuesday.

The chop shop was found in a secluded area of the park at roughly 9 a.m., based on a tip provided by the public.

Police say they discovered “a large number of bicycles,” bicycle parts, power tools, industrial torches and propane tanks. Many of the bikes were in varying states of disassembly.

Police have not confirmed if all of the bicycles were stolen, or if anyone is facing any charges.

VicPD says the file remains under investigation.

The police department recommends that bike riders register their bicycles for free through VicPD’s Bike Registry, in case your bike goes missing or is stolen.

“We often locate bikes that are abandoned or likely stolen, but are challenged to return them to their rightful owners as they haven’t been reported lost or stolen,” said VicPD in a release Tuesday.

VicPD Bike Registry forms can be found here and emailed to or dropped off at the Victoria police headquarters at 850 Caledonia Ave.

Earlier this year, police say they shut down a similar bicycle chop shop near Beacon Hill Park after planting a “bait bike” in the Topaz Park area. Three people were arrested in that incident.