VANCOUVER -- Police in Victoria say they shut down two separate house parties on Saturday night, issuing tickets of $2,300 and $230 for violating B.C.'s COVID-19 rules.

Victoria Police Department Chief Del Manak tweeted about the incidents Sunday evening, saying party-goers had lied to police about the number of guests and attempted to hide people in bedrooms and closets.

"Best tip, don't host a party in the first place," the chief concluded.

On Monday, police said the gathering was taking place at an apartment building in the 100-block of South Turner Street.

Officers were called to the building around 11 p.m. for reports of a "loud party" at the suite. When officers first arrived, a resident of the suite said that there were only four people inside, two of whom were guests.

Police were then allowed into the suite, where officers found two more people who were hiding. One was on the floor at the foot of a bed, while another was trying to hide in a closet, according to VicPD.

The residents were then served a $2,300 ticket under the COVID-19 related measures act (CRMA) and the non-residents were forced to leave.

Later that night, at around 12:30 a.m., officers were called to another apartment building in the 1400-block of Hillside Avenue for reports of a party.

There, officers found "the suite’s windows were fogged with condensation, and there was loud music and people yelling inside."

Police then spoke with a resident of the suite and learned that there were five guests inside of the apartment. The guests were ordered to leave and the resident was served a $230 ticket under the CRMA.

Victoria isn’t the only municipality where police responded to reports of parties this weekend.

West Shore RCMP say that officers were called to a home in Langford for a gathering on Saturday evening.

Mounties say that there were roughly 12 guests inside of the house when they arrived. The homeowner and most of the guests were "cooperative and polite with police," say West Shore RCMP, however one guest was reportedly being belligerent and refused to leave.

That guest was issued a ticket for abusive or belligerent behaviour contrary to the CRMA, say police. The rest of the guests left without issue.

Public health orders put in place earlier this month prohibit social gatherings with people from outside of a "core household." The rules are scheduled to be in place until Dec. 7