VICTORIA – A local peanut butter company is teaming up with a Victoria sex-worker support agency to promote body positivity and highlight the importance of decriminalizing people in the sex industry.

Fatso Peanut Butter is donating all of the proceeds from its clothing and apparel sales to outreach group Peers Victoria indefinitely.

Company CEO Jill Van Gyn says the partnership is a natural fit as Fatso recognizes the importance of an inclusive community, which is what Peers Victoria tries to foster.

"Owning a business is a privilege," says company founder and CEO Jill Van Gyn. "Yes, there is hard work, dedication, and sacrifice but it’s not a solo mission and not one that we at Fatso believe we did all by ourselves.”

Peers supports current and former sex workers, providing education, counselling, harm-reduction supplies, nighttime outreach and drop-in services.

“It’s important to have the support of those who are not in [the] non-profit sector," said Peers executive director Rachel Philips.

"Jill and Fatso’s understanding of the issues and commitment to addressing stigma with Peers Victoria is really inspiring.”