A Victoria nurse has been banned for at least five years after he admitted to sexually assaulting a 73-year-old patient during a private foot treatment, according to the College of Registered Nurses of B.C.

The CRNBC said in a news release it has cancelled the registration of Gary Dromarsky and that he's barred from reapplying until at least 2023. It has also issued a public warning advising the public not to hire Dromarsky for private care services.

Dromarsky admitted to touching the patient under her underwear and massaging her buttocks during a Sept. 14, 2017 appointment, acknowledging the massage was "out of scope."

Two complaints were made to the college about the appointment: one from a sibling of the patient and another from Dromarsky's manager.

Victoria police would not confirm whether Dromarsky was being criminally investigated due to privacy rights.

"We're only able to comment in such circumstances where doing so is in the public interest - aiding in identifying witnesses, gathering evidence, or notifying the public of potential risk," VicPD said in a statement. "In the event an arrest is made and charges sworn, or warrant issued, we would release more information about an ongoing investigation."

The CRNBC said it also determined that Dromarsky breached limits placed on his practice during the CRNBC's investigation by continuing to provide private foot care to two patients in their homes.

"Mr. Dromarsky admitted to the two breaches only after the evidence was presented to him by the regulator," CRNB said.

Aside from revoking his status as a licenced nurse, the college said it has taken "the additional and extraordinary step" of reaching out to media to inform the public that Dromarsky is no longer legally permitted to practice as a registered nurse in B.C.

Anyone thinking of hiring Dromarsky for private foot care services "should exercise great caution," the college said.

The CRNBC said it is now working with Island Health, Victoria police and the Ministry of Health to ensure Dromarsky's conduct is public knowledge.

Dromarsky had previously run into trouble with the college in 2009, when he admitted to providing massage services to clients while attending for other treatment purposes, CRNBC said.

Dromarsky has not been criminally charged in any of the cases investigated by the CRNBC.