After discovering that someone had removed items from her late son’s roadside memorial in Langford, a Victoria mom has posted an emotional plea for their return on Facebook.

Yannick Aubin’s 13-year-old son AJ Wakeling died in October 2012, after being hit by a vehicle along Sooke Road near Slegg Lumber.

Pictures posted to the social media site show small statuettes of angels had been set up on Sooke Road as well as several crosses.

Aubin writes the memorial was not only a place to remember her son, but it also served as a reminder for people to slow down.

“Think about it, you stole angels that represented my deceased son,” Aubin writes. “Let that sink in.”

The post goes on to read “my son is in my heart, he’s always by my side and my boys' side. What do you have? A cold black heart.”

Aubin is appealing for the pieces to be returned and in the post, confirms they were not removed for construction or maintenance.