VICTORIA -- The Victoria International Airport (YYJ) has won an award for being the most efficient airport in North America for its size in the 2020 Global Airport Performance Benchmark Report.

The yearly report is compiled by the Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), which measures and compares more than 200 airports across the world.

The ATRS reviews each airport’s overall productivity, operating and management efficiency, and unit cost competitiveness compared to other airports of similar sizes.

The 2020 report compared 204 airports across the world and 24 airport groups in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

YYJ’s award for airports with fewer than five million passengers annually places it alongside other North America winners for this year, including the Vancouver International Airport, Nashville International Airport and Salt Lake City International Airport.

“This type of recognition in the industry is extremely important to us,” said Geoff Dickson, Victoria Airport Authority president and CEO in a release Wednesday.

“We have always been very proud of our ability to remain highly efficient by keeping costs low for our airlines and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction,” he said.

“It has never been a more important time for us to continue this successful formula and do everything we can to support our airlines and exceed the level of service our customers expect.”