VICTORIA -- The Royal Canadian Air Force is planning to mark National Peacekeepers' Day with a flyover of Victoria on Sunday.

A CC-115 Buffalo transport plane from CFB Comox will circle over the B.C. capital around 7:15 p.m., weather permitting.

National Defence says the plane will fly at an altitude no lower than 500 feet before making the trip back to Comox.

"Royal Canadian Air Force flybys are carefully planned and closely controlled to ensure public safety at all times," the department said in a statement. "Aircraft participation is subject to weather and operational requirements."

The public is invited to watch the flyby while maintaining physical distance, in accordance with COVID-19 health orders.

National Peacekeepers' Day has been held every Aug. 9 since 2008 to honour the more than 125,000 Canadian Armed Forces members who have served in overseas peacekeeping missions over the past six decades.

On Aug. 9, 1974, nine peacekeepers were killed when their Buffalo transport plane was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft missiles. The event represents the largest single-day loss of life in Canadian peacekeeping history.