VICTORIA -- A driver was kicked, punched and even hit with a traffic pylon after swerving to avoid a collision with several pedestrians near downtown Victoria on Saturday night.

Police say a woman was driving on Johnson Street near Vancouver Street around 10:30 p.m. when three men crossed in front of her vehicle on a green light.

Investigators report that she slammed on her brakes to avoid hitting the men and honked her vehicle's horn.

The woman says the men then began kicking and spitting on her vehicle. She told police that one of the attackers picked up a traffic pylon and began hitting her car with it.

When the men began to walk away the woman parked her car to assess any damage near Pandora Avenue and Vancouver Street.

She says the men followed her there and began beating her.

Police say she was kicked, punched and even hit with the same traffic pylon.

Witnesses saw the attack and jumped in to help the woman and called police.

The attackers then fled the scene.

Police say the victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to hospital.

Investigators ask anyone with information or video of the incident to please come forward and contact VicPD at 250-995-7654 or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at -800-222-8477.