VANCOUVER -- The COVID-19 pandemic has touched just about every facet of life in British Columbia, and that includes recreation.

May typically marks the start of group bicycle rides organized by the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition. With physical distancing regulations in place, however, those group rides can't be organized safely, so the coalition adapted its offerings.

"We've now shifted towards doing self-guided rides," said Edward Pullman, rides coordinator for the GVCC.

The group has created three new types of rides for interested cyclists to do on their own or with their households.

Neighbourhood scavenger hunt rides ask participants to visit special landmarks and find hidden treasures along the route, providing answers to the clues via the GVCC's online feedback form to enter to win prizes from local bike shops.

Discovery rides take participants on longer loops, denoting points of interest along the way.

Ride the Distance rides are even longer trips, designed to take participants to parts of Greater Victoria they might not visit regularly.

The GVCC plans to release new routes every few weeks throughout the summer, Pullman said.

"We just really want (people) to get out and enjoy nature … but also make sure we're doing that safely," he said. "A bicycle is an excellent way to get your exercise and explore the absolutely beautiful area that we live in."

More information on the currently available routes can be found on the GVCC website.