VICTORIA – People have travelled from across Canada to whack a ball on a bike in Victoria this weekend.

The Victoria Bike Polo Winter Mixer Tournament is taking place on Saturday and Sunday and players say all you need is a good attitude to take a swing at the sport.

“Anyone can play no matter your skill level, or your gender, or your occupation,” said participant Lindsay MacPhee. “It is definitely a sport for everyone.”

Tournament rules to play cycle polo are quite simple. A match lasts for up to 15 minutes or until one team scores five points. A goal only counts if you hit the ball off the end of the mallet.

Organizer Ryan Harris said players have to stay on their bikes and be in constant motion. If they put their foot down players have to tap out on the side of the court, which is called a dab.

“Some of these really good players are really good at hopping up on their back wheel and scoping the ball and nose pivots,” said Harris.

Those wanting to take a crack at cycle polo can stop by Fernwood Community Centre on Wednesday night.

The tournament will continue at Topaz Park on Sunday.