VICTORIA -- Victoria city councillors have approved a much-amended motion regarding a proposed vehicle ban in Beacon Hill Park.

The original motion from Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps and Coun. Jeremy Loveday asked the city’s committee of the whole to direct staff to permanently ban all vehicle traffic from the park.

But on Thursday afternoon, the committee passed an amended version which instead would allow vehicles in several areas in and around the park if the motion passes at the regular council meeting Thursday.

The new motion specifically directs staff to “pedestrianize Beacon Hill Park while opening parking lots at Heywood Road, Circle Drive, and Nursery Road and the roads that serve as their closest access points for the duration of summer.”

The motion also directs staff to gather input from accessibility advocates and report back with advice so council can consider whether to further extend the pedestrianized approach to the park in the future.

Victoria council will hold a final vote on the motion Thursday night.