VICTORIA -- A Victoria brewery struck gold at the 2020 Canadian Brewing Awards last weekend. 

Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. took home top prize in the “Session India Pale Ale” category.

Their creation and winner, Glitter Bomb Hazy Pale Ale, is described as refreshing with lots of great hoppy character, without being too bitter.

The hazy beer is brewed with lots of wheat, malt and house-made pale barely says Philips brew master Todd Fowler.

“You know, we are always tweaking these recipes as we go,” says Fowler. “We have a pretty good vision of how we want to make the beer going in; and certainly, you know, the beer tells us how it wants to be. We want to fine tune it as we go, but yeah, we are really, really, really pumped with how this recipe turned out. “

Fowler says brewery staff were pleasantly surprised by the top honour and are grateful for the recognition.

The brewery has had other beers recognized in the past and has developed a strong following from beer lovers.

Glitter Bomb is available at Philips Brewery.