VICTORIA -- It wasn’t until Kevin received a picture from an outdoor family photoshoot that he started considering what his son had been wearing.

“We’re all fully clothed, even the two-year-old is fully clothed,” Kevin says, before pointing out his seven-year-old son, Cohen. “This kid’s still wearing pyjamas.”

But of course, if you ask Cohen: “I’ve been wearing them from the start of COVID,” the boy smiles. 

Cohen has been wearing pyjamas for more than 72 days straight.

It began in mid-March. There’s a picture from that day, showing the boy climbing a tree in pyjamas.

“I got out of bed and didn’t want to change my clothes,” Cohen smiles. “And that started a career!”

A prolific pandemic-pyjama career. 

“I just do everything normal,” Cohen explains. “[Except] I’m in my pyjamas!”

There’s a couple of videos of Cohen riding his bike down the street in pyjamas, and a picture of him holding his scooter on a corner in pyjamas.

“I go for walks in pyjamas,” Cohen says. “I go for car rides in pyjamas”

He even sits by the beach in pyjamas and roasts marshmallows in pyjamas.

And the best thing in pyjamas? “Do bum-drops on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath,” Cohen says, before adding with a smile. “In pyjamas!”

Cohen changes into a clean pair of pyjamas every day, except for, his dad says, that one day.

“He had regular pants on and I immediately said, ‘Hey! What’s going on there?’” Kevin recalls with a smile. “He just pulled his waistband and showed there were pyjamas under there!”

After the joke, Cohen changed back into just pyjamas.

While Kevin suspects Cohen started wearing pyjamas to assert some control during what seems like an uncontrollable time, he thinks his son keeps doing it because of all the smiles he inspires.

“If he’s spreading some of that positivity right now he probably knows he’s making a little bit of a difference,” Kevin says.

Or perhaps a big difference. 

Cohen says he’s planning to wear pyjamas daily until he outgrows them, perhaps inspiring the rest of our new normal’s new wardrobe along the way. 

“It’ll be fun and happy!” Cohen says about the idea of everybody wearing pyjamas every day. “And it would be super comfy!”