VICTORIA -- If you’ve been resisting the urge to give yourself a haircut while barber shops and salons have been out of service, your patience might just help someone in need.

Victory Barber & Brand on Victoria’s Blanshard Street will be reopening next month, and demand for a seat in the shop is so high that the first four cuts will be auctioned off for a good cause. 

“We’re donating to Our Place [Society] because we love what they do,” said shop owner Joshua Sparrow on Wednesday. “This is our neighbourhood, these are our friends and for some people there’s family members out on the street. 

A social media post advertising the auction has already generated such a buzz that the shop has decided to sweeten the pot.

“We got such an overwhelmingly amazing response from our client base and our friends and our city that we decided to donate the entire first day’s earnings from the shop to Our Place, as well,” Sparrow said. 

“I myself have lost friends and family to the street and so I think there’s a real drive and an urgency in our community to give towards that end, and help these amazing people and amazing work they’re doing.”

The auction will be held this Friday on the Victory Barber & Brand Instagram page. A post will go up at 9 a.m. and residents can place their bid in the comments section before 9 p.m. 

Victory Barber will be back in business on Monday June 8, by appointment only. Regular bookings will begin on the company’s website on June 1.