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Victoria 80-year-old wears different colour of rainbow every day to spread joy


It all began after Robin Jones bought a pair of yellow, zebra-striped shoes.

The all-yellow outfit he’s also wearing came after.

“I bought all white clothing,” the 80 year-old says. “And dyed every piece to match my shoes.”

Now, he has a whole collection of colourful shoes.

“And these are some of the rainbow clothes I dyed,” Robin says, opening a kaleidoscope-like closet, before revealing a drawerful of dynamic duds.

“Red, orange, pink, green, blue.”

Robin says he has outfits in eight different colours, so he can wear a different one every day.

“I’ve always been a fashionista,” Robin smiles, before showing pictures of himself wearing a plaid jacket as a child, and posing as a male model in his late teens.

Robin also worked as a cab driver, bartender and contractor before spending eight years as the primary caregiver for his wife Kit, after she was diagnosed with dementia.

“This is now her life,” Robin recalls thinking. “And I’m going to do things for her so that her life can be as comfortable as can be.”

Although that was the most challenging time of his life, Robin says it was also the most inspiring.

“The biggest thing you’ll ever learn is to love,” Robin says. “And be loved in return.”

And that’s why, when he lost his beloved Kit, and found those yellow shoes, Robin came-up with a plan to use his colourful clothes as a catalyst for connection.

“My job is to meet a new person every day,” Robin smiles.

Robin says he’s formed hundreds of friendships this way, which he often marks by offering them a silver dollar.

“It’s the fact that a total stranger has given them something unsolicited that makes them feel good,” Robin explains.

Robin maintains his friendships by writing the people appreciative poetry.

“He’s awesome,” Daniel Vokey says, after Robin reads him the latest poem he wrote about how wonderful his ‘Patisserie Daniel’ bakery is.

“He inspires joy,” Daniel says after giving a grateful hug, and saying how Robin always improves the mood of the other customers. “[He spreads] happiness and gratitude.”

After living 80 years, Robin says he’s learned that cultivating kindness is what life’s all about.

“And it feels good!” Robin says with a big laugh. “It’s not just for them. I love it!” Top Stories

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