VICTORIA -- The Victoria Police Department seized a number of weapons Wednesday as the number of calls for police service continues to rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Police say that at approximately 1:30 p.m., officers pulled over a vehicle for traffic violations in the 2900-block of Blackwood Street.

Once the car was stopped, police found two men inside the car and determined that the driver was in breach of his probation orders.

Police then arrested the driver and performed a search of the vehicle. The search uncovered multiple weapons, including a knife, a collapsible baton, bear spray and an imitation firearm, according to police.

VicPD says that the arrest comes as police increase patrols in some areas of the city.

“This arrest and subsequent seizure in the Topaz Park area is just one example of officers making proactive patrols in areas where we have seen an increase in calls for service,” said the police department.

“VicPD has seen a 126 per cent increase in calls for service in the Topaz Park area since March 15.”

Property crime rates are also increasing in other areas of Vancouver Island.

On Wednesday, the West Shore RCMP said that the detachment was considering hiring more police officers in response to a spike in calls for service.