VICTORIA -- Victoria police say they have seized a pellet gun that is believed to be related to property damage at Victoria City Hall and the McPherson Playhouse.

An investigation into a pellet gun shooting at city hall began on July 29 when police were called to the building after an office window was shot by a suspected air gun.

“The damage was consistent with a projectile having been fired at the window from outside,” say police.

Two days later, on July 31, police learned that a similar incident occurred at the nearby McPherson Playhouse.

Several windows at the theatre were damaged by a suspected pellet gun. In total, the damage to the windows is expected to cost thousands of dollars, say police.

While the McPherson Playhouse damage was not reported until July 31, investigators believe the incident occurred sometime during the week of July 25.

On Tuesday, police say they seized a pellet gun from a person in Centennial Square that is believed to be the item used in both incidents.

No arrests have been made, however.

Police add that no one was injured in either incident. Both investigations are ongoing.

Crimes that feature replica firearms, such as pellet guns, are on the rise in Victoria, Esquimalt and Vancouver.

Anyone with information on the shooting at Victoria City Hall or at the McPHerson Playhouse is asked to contact Victoria police at 250-995-7654 or anonymously call Greater Victoria Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.