Victoria's top cop is sending a strong message about wildfire prevention after spotting a person flicking a lit cigarette out of a car window.

Chief Const. Del Manak tweeted about the run-in Saturday night.

He said he was driving on the Pat Bay Highway near Quadra Street when the driver of the car in front of him tossed a lit cigarette butt onto the ground.

"When asked why, driver replied, 'I didn't want my car to burn,' as he pointed to his cup holder in console," Manak wrote.

Manak's response? "Then don't smoke in your car."

The driver was issued a $575 ticket under B.C.'s Wildfire Act for dropping, releasing or mishandling a burning substance.

Manak's decision to ticket the driver was met with enthusiasm online, with Saanich fire Chief Dan Wood lauding him for his actions.