As most hang on to the fleeting moments of summer, the provincial government is already talking snow, snow chains to be exact.

Today, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure announced a beefed-up fine system for commercial truckers who neglect to chain up in harsh conditions. 

Professional truck drivers who brave mountain passes like the Malahat, Sutton Pass and Coquihalla will now pay higher sticker fines for not carrying chains when required, and also not installing them in mandatory chain -up zones. 

The base fine for forgetting chains will jump from $121-dollars to $196-dollars, while the penalty for neglecting to install your chains in designated zones climbs to $598-dollars. 

The new fine scheme comes into effect on October 1st.

In October of 2018, all island drivers faced new regulations requiring winter tires on stretches of highway like the Malahat and Sutton Pass.

Drivers without proper winter tires on designated B.C. highways can receive a fine of $109.

To learn more about the new fines and rules for tire and chain requirements go to province's transportation website here.