NANAIMO -- A Vancouver-based company is asking the Regional District of Nanaimo for permission to send waste from cargo ships to the RDN landfill.

Currently there is no plan in place to remove waste from cargo ships that anchor in the Port of Nanaimo.

Tymac specializes in removing waste from cruise ships and freighters up and down B.C.’s coast.

The company’s president, Steve Hnatko, says cargo ships in Nanaimo present a “great opportunity to take our expertise and make sure things are done in an environmentally sustainable manner.”

On May 11, Tymac’s environmental team presented to the RDN’s committee of the whole, asking permission to send waste from cargo vessels to the RDN’s landfill.

Tymac would start by servicing four vessels a year, collecting garbage and recycling. Tymac says freighters typically carry 1,500 kilograms of waste per year.

The RDN is still considering the proposal.

On July 6, regional staff will be presenting a report to the committee outlining financial and environmental management implications of accepting waste from cargo ships.