VICTORIA -- Fire officials in Victoria are investigating a string of suspicious overnight blazes, including at the U-Haul moving and storage facility in downtown Victoria.

A pair of fires at the U-Haul centre on Nanaimo Street were sparked around 10 p.m. Sunday.

Firefighters responded to the scene with three engines, a ladder truck, a rescue truck and a command vehicle after multiple 911 calls came in to the dispatcher.

Deputy fire chief Dan Atkinson says one fire on the property near Blanshard Street damaged at least one U-Haul truck, while a separate fire near Nanaimo Street destroyed two portable storage containers and damaged nearby trailers.

"[The fires are] definitely suspicious and we're quite confident that these are intentionally set fires," Atkinson said Monday. "There's no indication to suggest these are accidentally set fires."

Atkinson says it will be difficult for investigators to determine exactly how the fires spread due to the materials involved.

The U-Haul fires came just hours after two dumpster fires were set in Fernwood around 7 p.m.

All of the fires are considered suspicious and are "very concerning" for investigators, the deputy chief said.

Victoria police say there were no injuries reported in the fires. Police are asking any witnesses to come forward.

Investigators are returning to the U-Haul centre Monday to try to determine what happened.