VICTORIA -- Ian and his two-year-old, Rian, are walking home together after pre-school. "It's nice to have that dad-daughter thing," Ian says with a smile. "We stop and see 'blue cow'."

The blue cow is a large bovine-shaped promotional statue for the Beemster cheese company. It lives outside the Bull & Sons Delicatessen on Victoria's Fort Street.

John – the deli's owner – calls the cow, Colin. "I have a tendency to call my pets human names," John explains with a laugh.

A few months ago, John noticed that Colin had made friends with a human. "We kept noticing this little girl every evening," John says. "She used to sing to [the cow]."

"Rian would dance with the cow," Ian adds.

"And pet it and hug it," John smiles.

"And tell it she loves it," Ian says.

"Oh, we were just smiling," says John. The business owner adds that he and his staff looked forward to her stops. "Our heart's melting!"

Rian's affection for Colin only increased over time. So, after a couple of months of daily visits, Ian queried John about acquiring a cow for his daughter.

"Is there any way we can order this online?" Ian recalls asking. "Do they have promotional material [for the public]?"

The short answer was 'no'. But, a couple weeks later – the answer was an unexpected – yes.

Ian captured the moment on video: Rian is surprised to walk into the deli and find John holding a small version of Colin the blue cow. "She saw it and her eyes just lit up like saucers," John recalls with a smile.

The video continues with the girl saying 'thank you', before cradling the small blue cow in her arms and rushing to show it to her dad.

"[When we returned home] she took it to her room and played with dolls with it!" Ian remembers with a grin.

Ian is quick to share that he is grateful, because John declined to be paid for it.

"[It’s] just a little token of giving her something back," John explains, "She entertained us, so hopefully she has little Colin to entertain her."

Now, every time they stop to visit Blue Cow, Rian and Ian will be reminded about just how big a small act of kindness can feel.