A presidential typo has generated waves of interest in a Victoria whale-watching tour company.

In a now-deleted tweet sent Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump mentioned meeting with various world leaders including Charles, "Prince of Whales."

The proper spelling of the royal's title is, of course, Prince of Wales.

Trump's gaffe had Twitter users mercilessly mocking the mistake.

The error has also sparked a number of tweets and calls to Prince of Whales, a whale and marine wildlife tour company based in Victoria's Inner Harbour.

Prince of Whales is taking the attention and running – or swimming – with it.

"The president's misspelling turned out to be our advertising Trump card. We couldn't pay for this kind of international attention," said owner Alan McGillivray. "I'm standing by waiting for his call. I have lots of advice for him."

On Twitter, the company said it is coincidentally looking for a brand ambassador – and may have found its man.

Trump's tweet came in response to criticism of his comments that he would "want to hear" foreign dirt on his 2020 election opponents.

"There's nothing wrong with listening," he told reporters Thursday.