CAMPBELL RIVER -- Mounties in Campbell River are investigating another case of illegal dumping, but this time there's a twist. It didn't occur in a backroads area, but rather at the corner of a busy city intersection.

Residents living in a patio-home complex known as Dogwood Glen awoke at 5:30 a.m. on May 14 to find a dump-truck-load of garbage deposited at the property’s entrance.

"The debris was a reno from a small house. There was old decking, new decking, siding, insulation, personal garbage, a great big pile" says strata president Colleen Lane Tait.

Strata members called RCMP, who began investigating. Lane Tait says she believes the contents came out of a smaller dump truck – the type used by landscaping companies.

She says there were witnesses in the area that observed the truck come through the intersection of Evergreen and Dogwood and take only a few seconds to deposit the load.

"The police officer told us it would either be payback or desperation or laziness. He recommended payback," she says.

It took eight members of the complex eight hours to clean up the mess and cost them $575 in dumping fees.

The residents looked through some of the contents and were able to locate personal information, which they then attempted to contact.

That information is now in the hands of RCMP, who are continuing their investigation.