A massive operation is underway in Nanaimo to right a toppled crane that tipped over Monday morning. 

The crane was unloading a pallet of shingles onto a condominium roof with a fully extended arm when it came crashing down onto Jeff Larison’s roof with a loud bang. 

“Initially we thought it was a big earthquake,” says Larison. “Then we realized that’s wasn’t what happened.”

No injuries have been reported. Four units of the condominium complex have been evacuated and residents were put up in hotels until it’s safe to go back. 

"Some of us are staying in hotels and some of us are staying at other friends' here," said Cheryl Dingjan. "I know that there are two complexes that have water damage and one went right into the roof, so thank god no one was hurt."

Two other cranes were brought in Monday night to secure the toppled one until officials could come up with a plan to right it. 

WorkSafe BC is investigating the cause of the collapse in an effort to prevent similar occurrences in the future.