VICTORIA -- Victoria's Fall Bike to Work Week kicks off across the city starting today. 

Despite a number of rainy seasons, Greater Victoria has the highest percentage of cycling commuters in Canada and has a well established cycling culture.

Fall Bike to Work Week started more than 10 years ago as a one day event. Since then, to encourage more people to cycle year round, the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society has expanded the event into a week long celebration.

"We have this mental switch that goes off in September and we put our bikes away in the storage room and we say 'oh we can't ride it is September,'" said Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society executive director, Adam Kupper.

"Really, the riding is still beautiful so we want people to try it out and see what they think."

This year's event, which runs from October 21 to 27, is open to all kinds of bike rides. While the name of the event implies only 'work' trips, Krupper is quick to point out that all cycling trips count.

"Whether you are riding as a family to school, picking up groceries, or popping over to a friend's place, as long as you're riding, you should be logging those rides online," said Kupper.

Fall Bike to Work Week follows the 25th anniversary Bike to Work Week that swept across the island this past May and June. The spring event saw a record number of cyclists, with more than 10,000 people participating.

"The spring bike to work week and the fall bike to work week are a perfect complement to the culture of riding," said Kupper. "These types of events build and sustain our cycling culture."

The Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society will be encouraging commuter cycling by hosting 'Celebration Stations' on Tuesday through Thursday along popular bike routes. The stations will feature free refreshments and snacks, bike check-ups and prize draws.

The society expects more than 2,000 cyclists to take part in the fall event.

"Experiencing the riding and a chance to win prizes just for giving something a shot is just fun," said Kupper. "We want to thank people for getting out and riding."

The society reminds all riders to prepare for cycling in the fall. Be sure you are visible and have working lights on the front and rear of the bike. They also recommend weather resistant reflective clothing to protect you from the rain and increase the chance of being seen.

To register for this year's Fall Bike to Work Week, visit the society's website here