The father of slain Nanaimo teen Makayla Chang is demanding answers about his daughter’s death two months after her body was found in an apparent homicide.

The 16-year-old girl vanished in March and was found dead in May following an extensive search in and around Nanaimo.

Now, her father Kerry Chang says Mounties won’t tell him much, including where his daughter’s body was found, how she was killed or who did it.

“This should be very, very concerning to the community. I’m sure it is,” Kerry said. “This is where I didn’t feel comfortable when the RCMP said that the public is not at risk…My strongest belief is there’s a killer amongst us somewhere.”

Before her body was found, Makayla was suspected to be with 57-year-old Steven Bacon, a man she stayed with occasionally.

His basement suite was thoroughly searched by investigators twice, and after Mounties tracked him down, he was questioned before being released.

While there are many unanswered questions in the case, RCMP would only provide a statement to CTV News Tuesday saying the investigation is active and there are designated resources dedicated to uncovering the circumstances behind Makayla’s murder.

A suspect has not been identified or arrested.

“They’re still not going to reveal any of that information,” said Kerry, who met with investigators Tuesday. “A lot of stuff’s being held back by them. As far as which direction this is going, I’m not really sure.”

Kerry said he’s prepared for the long haul but the family wants closure. Until the case is cracked, he said he won’t let his daughter’s name be forgotten. 

With a report from CTV Vancouver Island's Jessica Lepp