Police say a woman accused of wielding a machete in a dispute over a parking stall at a West Shore Costco has identified herself.

The incident happened Sunday around 1 p.m., when a woman called the West Shore RCMP to report she got into a confrontation in the Costco parking lot in Langford.

The woman complained she was trying to park when she was cut off by another woman who took the parking spot.

A verbal dispute ensued before the suspect reached into her vehicle and whipped out a machete, holding it "in a threatening manner," according to police.

The victim said she backed away and called police.

Police said Tuesday they had identified the suspect but had not located here, and asked her to come forward.

On Wednesday morning, RCMP confirmed that "hours after the initial media release the suspect called West Shore RCMP and identified herself."

She has also agreed to meet with investigators. It's unclear whether the woman will face charges.