VICTORIA -- Doorbell cameras capture all kinds of strange things but what one Sooke family found on their camera recently was udder-ly different.

Sooke resident James Bailey says on Dec. 14, he and his wife received an unusual number of overnight alerts on their surveillance system.

When they checked the video the next day, the mystery deepened before the culprits finally revealed themselves.

"It was foggy and we couldn't see anything and then all of a sudden I see this little tiny light and that changed into two lights and then into a head and a whole body," said the Helgesen Road resident.

Two bodies, in fact, as a pair of large cows sniffed away at his doorstep in the middle of the night before eventually moving along.

"It was like creatures coming out of the mist," Bailey said.

The cows belong to Bailey's neighbour and may have had some help busting out of their enclosure before they were tracked down by the RCMP.

"Apparently a bear knocked down the fence and that's how they got out," Bailey said.

The cows did not damage Bailey's property and were eventually rounded up safely, he said.