A Nanaimo woman whose phone was stolen as she selflessly rushed to help victims of a serious car crash has been shown the Christmas spirit.

Anne Marie Behan heard a crash outside of her home at Wakesiah Avenue and Third Street Dec. 15, so she ran out the door without shoes or a jacket on to provide first aid to victims.

Paramedics arrived and transported the victims to hospital, but that's when Behan noticed a phone she set down at the scene had been taken.

She said it was a big loss because the phone was her only link to her daughter and her place of work.

But one good turn deserves another, and Behan's plight touched a nerve with many people who wanted to help the Good Samaritan, Nanaimo RCMP said in a news release Friday.

"The phone lines of the Nanaimo RCMP lit up with offers from complete strangers to replace it. We had numerous calls from Nanaimo, Victoria and most recently, a gentleman who read about her situation while flying to Houston," said Const. Gary O'Brien. "They all wanted to rectify a wrong."

Among those people were a Nanaimo man who reached out to Mounties on Twitter, getting connected with Behan to provide her a brand new phone within hours.

"This is a nice ending to a sad story. It also goes to show there are more good people than negative out there," said O'Brien.

The first person she contacted with her new phone, according to RCMP? Her daughter.