Transport Canada says it has no plans to change the existing speed limit in Victoria’s harbour after concerns were raised by a prominent B.C. marine transport company.

“The safety of aviation and marine traffic in Victoria Harbour is a priority for us and we regularly conduct proactive risk assessments to determine best practices,” senior media relations advisor, Marie-Anyk Cote said in a statement on Friday.

Earlier this week, Seaspan Marine criticized the new Johnson Street Bridge in a leaked letter to Victoria City Hall. 

It said the bridge’s design will force barges to restrict their speed when passing under it, increasing the risk of a possible crash.

The city reportedly ordered that tugboats and tows reduce their speed under the bridge to three-and-a-half-knots.

Seaspan Marine noted that any speed under five-knots is unsafe.

“I am requesting the City reconsider their position to seek a reduced speed limit from Transport Canada and the Victoria Harbour Master,” wrote Paul Hilder, Vice-President of Marine Operations for Seaspan.