Students who will ride a bus to school in the Sooke District next year can sign up for a ride starting at 9 a.m. Friday.

The district asks parents to register their children so the transportation department can plan out routes and stops where most of the students live.

"We prefer that they do it earlier," said Scott Stinson, superintendent of Sooke School District. "The longer they delay the less likely our routes will be reflective of their needs, so that becomes problematic for parents and us."

There are 8,000 daily trips for individual students on the district's 30 buses. 

The district told CTV News that once routes have been determined they will be published before the end of the school year or early in the summer so families can have a plan in place for September.

Stinson also said students who divide their time between two households can make arrangements with the district as long as both houses are in the catchment for the school.

Bus passes for middle and secondary students will be handed out prior to or during the first week of school. Elementary students will not need a bus pass but will have their attendance taken.