Skippy Peanut Butter lovers say the decision to pull the spread off Canadian shelves is nuts.

The peanut butter is manufactured in the U.S. and was sold in Canada, until recently.

News of the Canadian departure has been spreading on social media this week, but stores on Vancouver Island stopped getting fresh supplies last fall. 

Katie Suvanto of Lethbridge, Alberta says she’s been left in a jam because she just finished her last jar of Skippy. 

“It’s unfortunate because ever since a kid, it’s been my favourite peanut butter,” Suvanto said.

According to the manufacturer “Hormel Foods,” sales in Canada just weren’t high enough.

“While Skippy is a beloved brand by many Canadians, competition, pricing and promotional considerations created an environment that was not conducive for the brand to continue to succeed,” the company said in a statement to CTV News.

The announcement has angered a lot of people who have taken to social media to express their frustration.

“Skippy is the best by far in my opinion,” writes one Twitter user. “Skippy peanut butter is being discontinued in Canada. Prayer vigil tonight for the victims of this senseless act,” says another. 

Cross-border suppliers have already popped up on the internet. An ad on Craigslist offers to hook people up with crunchy or smooth, but the transaction will cost you about double the price of a jar of Skippy.

With files from CTV Vancouver Island’s Gord Kurbis