VICTORIA – Hanna smiles and points to the bubbles that her grandmother Vicky is blowing across the field. When the one-year-old sees her big sister Cailey's positive reaction to catching the bubbles, Hanna strives to laugh like that too.

She races as fast as she can on her little legs, after her almost-four-year-old sister.

Cailey effortlessly leaps over the wood that frames that playground towards the bubbles. When Hanna notices the obstacle she proclaims, "Uh-oh!" before stopping and attempting climb over it.

Although it's only a couple inches tall, it probably feels to her like scaling a wall. By the time Hanna gets to the other side, Cailey steps back over again. Hanna will have to do it all again. Cue the "Uh-oh!"

But then Hanna sees something different. Cailey leaps to grab a bubble and falls. But instead of saying, "Uh-oh!," her big sister brushes herself off and keeps going, keeps laughing.

Cailey has been doing this since she was Hanna's age. "She'd run over to me and go, 'Bubbles! Bubbles!,'" Vicky says. "So we'd get the bubbles out!"

Vicky would get the could-be-bought-anywhere soap solution and add a super-magic-top-secret ingredient: love.

"It doesn't matter where you get it," she says. Because Vicky is a source of never-ending love for her grand-daughters, there's no problem when all the soap solution somehow spills.

Although Hanna may say, "Uh-oh!," Cailey has learned from her grandmother that it's just an opportunity to try something new. "Take joy out of everything you do," Vicky says. Cailey starts drawing faces in the spilled soap solution and popping the bubbles that appear in the puddle. "Oh! That's a good one!" Vicky encourages.

Then Hanna decides to try something different too. Instead of chasing after Cailey's bubble-inspired laughs and feeling the inevitable 'Uh-oh' when she can't catch them, Hanna is focusing on making her own happy moments. She starts lathering the soap-solution all over her big sister's arms, which inspires the biggest laughs of the morning from both of them.

"It brings joy to my heart," Vicky says of the smiles she sees and laughter she hears.

"Big hug," Cailey says and wraps her arms around her little sister with thanks. Hanna squeals with delight.

It seems that if you focus on inspiring joy in others, you might end up feeling even better than you hoped.