Police have raided a Saanich-based business that CTV News has learned is a major player in the cannabis edibles industry.

Since Wednesday, officers and police tape have surrounded a business on Glanford Avenue that shares space in a warehouse with a bottle depot.

Multiple sources say that the business raided last week is Mota Cannabis Products, called one of the biggest edible businesses in the country.

The company's Instagram account shows a wide array of edibles including baker's trays full of THC-infused candies, cookies and chocolates.

Until recently, it also had a website featuring edibles for sale, but the site has since gone offline.

Those using The Bottle Depot who spoke with CTV News Monday said they had no clue there might have been a cannabis edibles operation based nearby.

The federal government has said it plans to legalize cannabis edibles for recreational purposes about a year after it does the same of recreational pot.

Edibles are currently legal for medicinal purposes only, but sales are heavily restricted.

At present, it's against the law to sell pre-made edibles except for THC-infused cooking oil.

Marijuana advocates have called the federal government's treatment of edibles unfair, and reacted with surprise to news that Mota may have been raided.

"There's particularly no good reason at a time when medical patients still don't have legal access to a known source of pre-made edibles, and we're busy as a country legalizing recreational access to cannabis," said Kirk Tousaw, a lawyer who specializes in cannabis-related issues. "It's 2018. We need to stop doing this and move on to regulating these products in an appropriate and reasonable way."

Saanich police aren't commenting, saying it could interfere with an ongoing investigation, and declined to say whether they raided an edibles business, whether any charges might be pending or why such a raid would take place now.

CTV News has reached out to Mota for a response and has yet to hear back.

Saanich police said they will likely have a comment on the incident later this week.