VICTORIA -- The search is on for a renowned local llama that went missing near the Malahat highway roughly two weeks ago.

Community members are searching for Otis the llama, also known as Waldo, who lives at the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association, located at 700 Holker Pl.

Otis came to live at the gun range around 2015 after workers discovered him wandering near the property from a nearby farm. Since then, employees and association members have taken to him as an unofficial mascot, providing food and money for things like vet bills.

The association says that Otis' last confirmed sighting was on May 13.

"While him wandering away for a bit is not unusual, he hasn't been returning for his food, which is unusual," said the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association in a social media post on Saturday.

Community members are asked to keep an eye out for Otis in the area.

"We want to make sure he's healthy and happy," said the association.

Anyone who spots him is asked to call the Victoria Fish and Game Protective Association's caretaker line at 250-858-8342 or send a message to the association's Facebook page.