A sea lion was spotted far away from its usual splashing grounds in a flooded parking lot in Duncan earlier this week.

Rhonda Vertefeuille was out for a hike near the Somenos Marsh Conservation Area when she saw the large marine mammal swimming in the lot, right beside the Trans-Canada Highway.

She said the sea lion swam right up to the estuary entrance before turning back and finding its way back to open water.

"It's incredible this creature found his way right up to the highway," Vertefeuille told CTV News.

The Youbou woman quickly grabbed her smartphone and took a short video of the wayward sea lion, while another observer called the BC Conservation Officer service to ensure the animal wasn't in any danger.

She later posted it to Facebook where it has since taken off, garnering more than 1,300 shares and tens of thousands of views.

"That's really neat that so many people are intrigued by this creature's journey," she said. "Supernatural British Columbia. It never ceases to amaze me."

The marsh area was among those flooded by a deluge of rain that prompted flood warnings and advisories up and down Vancouver Island.

Sea lions are normally known to prefer salt water environments, and some in the Facebook comments on Vertefeuille's video speculated the creature may have travelled inland from Cowichan Bay.