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Safety upgrades begin at Cathedral Grove near Port Alberni

One of Vancouver Island’s most popular tourist attractions has just received a safety makeover.

Changes have been made to Cathedral Grove, a spot where thousands of tourists converge every year, often creating congestion and safety concerns.

According to Mid Island-Pacific Rim MLA Josie Osborne, the changes have been in the works for some time.

"Over the years the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has implemented a lot of different safety measures," Osborne says. "We know just how popular this site is."

The improvements include centre median pickets to prevent vehicles from turning across Highway 4, as well as no U-turn signs and rumble strips to help slow traffic.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure says other safety measures have been introduced, including speed-reader boards and overhead flashing pedestrian signs.

The ministry says the latest changes were implemented after consultations with First Nations, local governments and the chamber of commerce.

“The ministry is continuing to explore long-term safety improvement options for the Highway 4 corridor through MacMillan Provincial Park, working with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy as well as local stakeholders” the ministry said.

Osborne says the strips can be removed in the winter for snow plowing and ministry staff will be reviewing these and other possible future changes.

“I think everyone is interested in continuing to explore those longer-term improvements. We've heard from stakeholders, from people, just how important safety is and we've heard from people how important it is to preserve the trees and the magnificence of the park," she said. Top Stories

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