VICTORIA – Talks aimed at ending the ongoing Saanich school strike have broken down with no agreement in sight. 

Negotiators ended the the talks Tuesday night, after the school district and the support workers' union failed to find a way to end the strike that has kept more than 7,000 students out of school since Oct. 28.

"I am disappointed that we did not reach an agreement that the bargaining committee felt they could recommend to members," said CUPE local 441 president Dean Coates on Wednesday.

"Our efforts to be creative and move toward the employer's position were not reciprocated and the employer would not add any additional funding."

The school district has not yet made a statement about the impasse.

The union has been seeking to close the wage disparity between Saanich support workers and their colleagues in neighbouring municipalities.

The union said it will not discuss details of the negotiations until it has met with its members later today.

Picket lines will remain up at all Saanich schools.