Saanich police are expected to release new information Thursday to update the public on a 2016 child abduction case.

In May 2016, Tasha Brown contacted police to report that her estranged wife, Lauren Etchells, abducted their 19-month-old daughter Kaydance Etchells and left Canada.

A Canada-wide warrant was quickly issued for Lauren's arrest after it was determined she defied a court order by flying with the baby to the U.K.

Brown and Etchells married in 2013 and conceived their child through a donor process. After Kaydance was born, she received a U.K. passport because of Lauren's dual Canadian-U.K. citizenship.

The couple separated in July 2015. Kaydance was living with Lauren as the couple went through custody proceedings. 

A provincial court judge ordered Lauren to surrender Kaydance's U.K. passport and not leave Vancouver Island. 

But Lauren allegedly defied the order, lied to Passport Canada and obtained a new passport for Kaydance in April 2016. 

Lauren, Kaydance, her new partner and their newborn child flew from Vancouver to London on May 8, 2016, prompting the warrant to be issued. 

At last word, Saanich detectives were working closely with Interpol, the RCMP and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection on the case. 

Police will provide an update on the case at 11 a.m. Thursday. Brown was initially scheduled to appear at a news conference, but police later said she couldn't make it and they'd send out a news release.