Saanich police and animal control officers have set up trail cameras in an effort to catch a large yellow snake that’s been on the loose in the city for months. 

The last sighting of the pale, spotted snake was reported to police on March 19, when a resident discovered the snake in the 3200-block of Linwood Avenue.

The resident said he has been seeing the serpent around his property for months, beginning with a sighting around Christmas time.

"Each sighting has been either late at night or in the very early morning hours when it is still dark out," Saanich police said Tuesday.

Based on its description, the snake is likely an exotic species that was kept as a pet.

"It may have been intentionally released by its owner who no longer wanted it or it may have inadvertently escaped, although we have had no reports of a missing snake," said police.

Anyone who wants to own a restricted species of snake must obtain a permit first from the BC Fish and Wildlife Branch.

Police and the Saanich pound are currently investigating whether anyone in the area holds such a permit.

Police ask anyone who sees the snake to call them right away. Police also ask that residents who encounter one of their trail cameras to leave it alone.

Witnesses who see the snake are encouraged to take a picture of it from a safe distance and keep it in sight until authorities arrive.