VICTORIA -- The Saanich police are warning the public after another bear sighting in the Beaver lake area Thursday morning.

Police say the black bear was spotted in the 5100-block of Interurban Road, not far from where a black bear was seen earlier this month.

Saanich police said on Twitter the bear "was not aggressive" and "not eating garbage," but was "just strolling along."

They said conservation officers have been notified of the sighting.

Police are reminding residents in the area to bear-proof their properties.

On May 4, a black bear was spotted in the 200-block of nearby Goward Road.

A resident told police that they saw the bear attempt to open a garbage bin on their property before the resident scared the bear away.

“Bears are in the process of waking from their winter hibernation, so they will be out foraging for food and sightings of bears will be common,” Saanich police warned earlier this month.

Conservation officers have reported a rise in bear and cougar sightings on the South Island this year.