It would be a dream come true for most drivers, but not Zac de Vries.

The Saanich councillor, who also serves as Capital Regional District alternate board member and water supply commissioner, recently received a City of Victoria parking pass to be used while working at the CRD offices downtown. He says thanks, but no thanks. 

The parking pass is a perk enjoyed by Victoria councillors as well as politicians serving the CRD.

De Vries, an avid bus rider, believes more politicians should be riding the bus. He thinks it would open their eyes to some of the gaps in the current transportation system. 

Last month Victoria Councillor Geoff Young also suggested that Victoria councillors give up their city-issued parking passes. City staff are currently looking into the issue. 

Instead of giving politicians parking passes, de Vries suggests handing out bus passes. He said he won't be using the free parking pass he received and will be using other modes of transportation to get to his meetings downtown.

With so many municipal politicians on the South Island, de Vries believes BC Transit may even cut them a deal.

De Vries plans to reach out to Victoria council to discuss the matter further.