The United States Drug Enforcement Administration confirms it is involved in an RCMP investigation into the case of two men who went missing on Vancouver Island and were later found dead.

The DEA isn't providing any other information regarding why it's involved in the homicide case of Ryan Daley and Dan Archbald, who were found dead near Ucluelet more than a month after they were last seen in the western Vancouver Island community.

“I can confirm that DEA is assisting RCMP in their investigation. Anything else will need to come through RCMP," a spokeswoman for the DEA said in a statement.

Daley's and Archbald's deaths are being investigated by the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit.

The pair had returned to Ucluelet on May 13 following an eight-week sailing trip to Panama. They were last seen on surveillance footage leaving a Ucluelet marina on May 16.

According to its website, the DEA aims to enforce controlled substance laws and regulations of the United States, including the growing, manufacturing or distribution of controlled substances appearing in or destined for illicit traffic in the United States.