BLACK CREEK, B.C. -- A Comox Valley man is doing his best to lighten people’s spirits during the pandemic by maintaining a unique roadside display.

Kevin Deboef first began using an old mannequin to try to slow traffic down in front of his Island Highway home, but soon transitioned it into a display of romance and intrigue.

“If you’re following the story at all, you can see the evolution of this relationship, so we are sort of taking donations of props to help along with this,” he says.

The two mannequins, named Bob and Shaniece, keep changing clothes and positions to tell an ongoing story, and the public is taking notice.

“It’s only just kind of been brought to our attention of recent that people in the community are kind of following along and jumping on board and having a laugh at it,” says Kevin’s wife Mara.

She is supportive of her husband’s creative outlet, but obviously has limits.

“I wouldn’t give him any of my nice stuff. He’s gotten a few old Halloween costumes and some old silk shirts left over from Halloween,” she says.

Kevin says he’ll keep the display going for now because of the response it has received from those driving by.

“I guess now it turns out I need to continue on because there’s so many people following this,” he says. “So, I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but you can only imagine.”