A new tool that aims to even the playing field between landlord and tenant has been launched in British Columbia.

Landlord BC has created an online registry that allows tenants to screen their potential landlords.

The association says it will ensure landlords understand the basics of the Residential Tenancy Act.

“They [landlords] have a responsibility to ensure that they do their part,” CEO David Hutniak said. “They should have that knowledge and apply it in their business. It’s going to help them, it’s going to help the overall relationship with their customer who is the tenant.”

To get registered, landlords are required to take a two-hour online course to familiarize themselves with the act.

Once they pass the test they are awarded an "I Rent It Right" certificate and entered into a database that tenants can search when looking for a property to rent.

“I think this is upping the playing field,” Victoria landlord Derek Pinto said. “It’ll make you feel more confident in what you’re doing, in the decisions that you make.”

To check the database visit Landlord BC's website.